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Texto y Fotografía por Adrián Ríos

Enjoi keeps putting out delicious board graphics with RESIN-7 technogoly. These boards has a canadian maple construction glued with EPOXY resin. This series, the Dog Pooper, are a four graphic boards for Zack Wallin, Jose Rojo, Louie Barletta y Ben Raemers.

For this review we choose Zack Wallin's pro model. this is a 8.125' board with a mellow concave and steep kick.

Zack Wallin, Enjoi pro since his nollie 180 bs at Wallenber, is always into something. Videoparts, magazines, random edits... That's why we choose ask him some questions for this review and let him tell you about.

How old are you and where do you live?

I’m 28, San Jose CA.

Is this your first time in Madrid?

Yup yup. It was awesome.

What do you think about the city?

I love it. Its definitely more my style compared to Barcelona. Way more mellow vibes.

Tell us your board set up.

It's a little longer in length (larger wheel base) 8.5 full concave. Mob grip, Indy trucks, bones bearing and pig wheels.

How long did it take to film your last video part Camino?

It took about 1 year.

Which one was the harder trick to film?

Probably the kickflip manual ollie on the double set in San Francisco. Just because the sidewalk was so uneven it was hard to hold the manual.

Sorry but i have to ask you for Wallember, after the sick nollie back you wanna come back for more? Haz click aquí para que sepas de lo que hablamos, míralo hasta el final.

Maybe one day but for now I want to just leave it at that. I don't think I could top that day on a personal level just cause Louie surprised me with a pro board.

And now after The Bocadillo Bad Boy Tour and the video part whats next?

Not to sure yet. Just out skating day by day and waiting for the project.

This Enjoi boards construction cames along with Dwindle Distribution. Both technology or construction RESIN-7 and all other from this distribution, are backed by years of experience in the sector and tons of test to find the best product.

Now you know how delicious those Enjoi boards are, you just have to go and check yourself.

Find your size, shape and get some. Go to your local skateshop and ask for them, or just click here.