All you want to know about bearings with Tristan Grijalbo

Abec 3, Abec 5, Abec 7, Titanium, Ceramic?? There are a lot of different kinds of bearings.
Tristán´s family have an industrial bearings company since 1947, and he has been 17 years developing bearings for skateboards and 14 years with his brand Mosaic.
Nobody better to answer some of the questions you usually ask in the shop.

Tristan and one of his clean flatground tricks – Foto por Aitor Molina

What parts does a bearing have?

Outside and inner rings, balls, cage, cap and lubricant.

inside a bearing

What is the Abec of a bearing?

Abec is the abbreviation for the Annular Bearing Engineers Council, Abec’s role is to establish tolerance standards in manufacturing.
The higher the Abec, the more accurate each piece of the bearing is made. That is to say, if you were to look at it through a microscope, the smoother everything is.
But the Abec system does not include lateral load or impact resistance, so it is not enough just to have a very high Abec, to be good for skateboarding. More important than the Abec, is the way it is manufactured, the materials used, and its quality.

Tyler and his pro model bearings pure control

Why did abec 9 and abec 11 suddenly come out?

Because an American company, developed the manufacturing precision of the parts further. But as I said before, you can have an ABEC 11 bearing, which is not suitable for skating.

As a general rule, we believe that Abec 3 is slower than Abec 5, and Abec 5 is slower than Abec 7. Is it true?

Normally this is true within the same brand, but you can compare an Abec 3 of a brand, with an Abec 7 of another worse brand, and the Abec 3 of the good one, will be faster and last longer than the Abec 7 of the worse brand .

What is it that makes a bearing go fast?

Various things such as the quality of the materials, the Abec, especially in the balls and the rails of the rings, and the lubricant.

Ceramic bearings. What do they consist of? What are they composed of? Are they really the fastest?

We were pioneers in making bearings with white ceramic balls.
The balls are harder than those of metal, so they do not deform when they have weight on top or receive bangs from jumps, or impacts (something that happens with metal balls), and they do not heat up like those of metal.
They are much faster, and when they do not warm up, they can be turning for a long time without losing any quality.
They have a drop of our lubricant SR1. They last much longer also, and the longer you use them, the better they run. If you have some used Mosaic ceramics, and you notice that they have lost speed, it is due to dirt, it does not matter if they are 3 months or 5 years old, even if the metal is rusty, just clean them, and they will run better than new ones.

Titanium Bearings. What do they consist of? What are they composed of? Are they faster or more resistant?

The Titanium Mosaic bearings have the outer ring and the inside with a thin layer of titanium, which makes them more resistant to corrosion. They are very fast. They are faster than the S1, and less than the Ceramics.

What can you tell us about Bones bearings? They have the reputation of being the best, could you tell us why? Could you make a comparison with your own?

Bones has undoubtedly been the most recognized and best brand of skate bearings, manufactured with materials of very high quality, and have been done so for over 30 years.
Right now I dare say that we have matched Bones quality, and even surpassed them, since we have a more competitive price on bearings of similar ranges. We manufacture with materials of the highest quality, and our exclusive lubricant SR1, makes ours one of the fastest and most durable bearings on the market in each price range.



18 septiembre 2017